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Lainox Multigrill Accessories

Gecko Catering Equipment are now proud suppliers of all Lainox Multigrill accessories. These trays are compatible with all Lainox combi ovens and are available to all Gecko customers. These Multigrill accessories are perfect for a number of cooking modes including; 

  • Skewer cookingPerfect grills for different-sized skewers and spits of meat, fish or vegetables
  • Grilling - Special grill to cook vegetables and meat with non-stick Teflon coating.
  • Grilling and pizzasRadiant, ribbed or smooth thick griddle plates, with heat retention and non-stick ceramic coating
  • Fried and crumbed cooking - Specific containers for fried and crumbed food.
  • Fried food and omelettes - Aluminium containers with mould diameters 120 mm and 200 mm with non-stick Teflon coating.
  • Finger food and sweet/savoury cooking - smooth or perforated trays in aluminium alloy, with non-stick Teflon coating and open sides.
  • Bread and pastry cooking - Baking tray in shaped aluminium alloy with non-stick silicone coating.

For more information on these Lainox accessories or how to order, please email or call the office (01) 8019090.


Alternatively, you can just add the to your shopping cart and purchase them online today!


Skewer Grill 23

Skewer Grill 52

Stew Pan - available in multiple depths

Square Grill

 Pizza Grill (Smooth)

 Stripe Grill 

Fry Basket

Stir Fry Pan - available in multiple depths

Speedy Grill

Omelette Pan - available in 1,2 or 6 piece

Bullseye Pan - available in 6 or 12 piece.

Bake Pan - available in smooth/perforated at multiple depths

Baguette Pan - capacity 5 baguettes.


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