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Virtual Tour - Dollard & Co.

One of Gecko Catering Equipment's favourite full kitchen fit-outs is Press Up Entertainment'Dollard & Co. located on Wellington Quay, Dublin.

This was a huge project which included 4 different kitchens on various levels throughout the building. These kitchens, refrigeration and ventilation systems and cooking equipment was all supplied by Gecko. The ground floor was made home to Tomahawk Steak House, a intimate and unique dining experience that is renowned for its top of the range steaks. 

The top floor of Dollard & Co. is home to Robertas Restaurant & Bar which was equipped with all cooking equipment, stainless steel units, ventilation and refrigeration equipment. Gecko also supplied and fit the bespoke bar and cocktail systems. 

The prep kitchen in the basement is the main supplier of Dollard's Food Hall and Deli on the ground floor. In the basement there are walk in cold rooms, prep counters and fridges and all cooking equipment needed to cater for this busy food hall and deli.

Finally, the ground floor was equipped with all refrigeration units including butchers, cheese fridges, deli counters and all grab and go units with a special mention to the large wood fired pizza oven which was all supplied by Gecko. 

Click the images below to check out our virtual tour of Dollard & Co.

For more information on full kitchen/bar fit-outs, please contact Fergal on (01) 801 9090 or email

Dollard & Co. located on Wellington Quay, Dublin.

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