ScanBox Banquet Line Combo AC6 + H6

by ScanBox
Price on request
  • ScanBox Banquet Line Combo AC6 + H6 is a box with stacked cabinets for cold and hot holding. This allows you to distribute food at the perfect temperature with modest space requirements.
  • Cart with stacked boxes for cold holding and hot holding respectively, you will be able to distribute food at a perfect temperature.
  • Hot holding compartment is convection heated up to +90C and offer fast, uniform heating.
  • Compartment for active cooling has a compressor for fast and uniform cooling. 
  • Digital display indicated when the selected temperature has been reached.
  • The door sensor turns off the fan when the door is opened.
  • Ergonomic push/pull handles on the back ensure easy and safe operation.
  • Perforated shelves for holding of plates between preparation and serving of meals.


Code: 196210-1
Tray Capacity: 6 + 6 x GN2/1 65mm or 12 + 12 x GN1/1 65mm
Plated Capacity: 48 x 10" Plates (shelves priced separately)
Dimensions: 740(W) x 1040(D) x 1606(H) mm
Weight: 100kg

Warranty - 1 year parts and labour





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