Rotisserie ASJ-130 Large

by Josper
Price on request

The biggest of the Josper Rotisseries, ASJ-130, has a maximum capacity of 48 chickens, a grilling area of 1330 mm x 6 spit rods and a firing up time of 35 minutes. The grilling temperature is between 200 ºC and 280 ºC, with a daily charcoal consumption from 30 to 34 kg average. Included accessories: set of skewers, spit rod forks, 2 spit holders, 8 GN trays 1/1 inox, tongs, poker for coal and an ash pan.

ASJ-063 Large
  • Size: 97x105x191/208 cm
  • Rack size: 130 cm
  • ± 48 p/h

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