Mach Pass Through Dishwasher System MS9100

by Mach
Price on request
SKU MS9100

Machine used in straight-line and corner installations in combination with prewash entry and exit tables, condense canopies, pre-spray tap and wall shelf. MS9100 equipped with a double-wall tank, with rounded corners, full-width wash tank filters, fully automatic operation with electromechanical controls, magnetic microswitch to cut out operation of the appliance when hood is opened, tank and boiler thermometers as standard feature, autostart feature on hood closing.

Included in this great offer is:                                                       

  • Mach MS9100   
  • 1200 Entry Table & 1200mm Exit Table
  • Condense Canopy
  • Wall Shelf
  • Pre-Spray Unit


Price includes supply only

Warranty: 1 year parts and labour   



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