Lainox - Stir Fry Pan

by Lainox
Price on request

Specific containers for fried and crumbed food. Special tray in non-stick aluminium alloy with mineral coating, rock effect

Ideal for:

  • Potatoes, Ascolane olives, battered vegetables on mod. R1104.
  • Fried and crumbed food, schnitzel, chicken, battered vegetables in 5/10 min. 


  • Dry and crispy fried food without an oil bath.
  • No costs for the purchase and disposal of oils.
  • Up to 50 portions of frozen potatoes in a 10-tray oven in 15 minutes.
  • Soft meat even after cooling.

Model 1/1 GN

  • AT02 - 20mm depth
  • AT04 - 40mm depth
  • AT06 - 65mm depth

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