Lainox - Speedy Chicken

by Lainox
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SKU PS1106

Baking tray specific to poultry cooking in general. In aluminium alloy with a triple-layer, non-stick coating.

The special cones where the products are inserted generate convective heat transfer, speeding up the rate of heat exchange during cooking. The product is cooked both on the outside and inside in rapid time.

Ideal for:

  • Chicken, cockerel, duck in different sizes and quantities.
  • Obtaining soft and succulent cooked breast, with browned, crispy skin.
  • Maintaining the product whole, without it sticking to the tray during removal thanks to the non-stick coating


  • Up to 18% more product as compared to chicken grills, due to reduced weight loss.
  • Cooking time: up to 35% faster as compared to classic chicken grills.
  •  Energy consumption: up to 20% less thanks to faster cooking as compared to classic chicken grills.
  • Washing and cleaning times and costs reduced to a minimum.
  • Non-stick coating prevents the accumulation of residue, and thanks to the reduced weight loss the oven stays cleaner.

Model - 1/1GN

  • PS1106 (6 chickens)
  • PS1108 (8 chickens)

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