Lainox Neo NEOG121

by Lainox
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7” colour screen (LCD - TFT - IPS) that is high definition and capacitive with “Touch Screen” functions. All the processes can be displayed with specific icons for each type of food, meats, fish, pastry, etc. The work process starts by touching the icon.

Blast Chilling +90 / +3°C :

  • It rapidly brings the product core temperature to +3°C, reduces natural product evaporation maintaining its humidity and preventing bacterial proliferation after cooking.
  • Blast Chilling function lets you plan dishes in advance, increase productivity, keep flavour, colour, fragrance and weight unaltered and eliminate the risk of intoxication and waste.
  • All the organoleptic properties are kept in tact due to perfect air and temperature control in the chamber


Shock Freezing +90 / -18°C:

  • It rapidly brings the product core temperature to -18°C, keeping product structure and consistency in tact.
  • Deep Freezing allows you to purchase products at their peak of freshness, maturity and availability on the market and preserve all their properties in tact.
  • Thanks to a -40°C controlled air flow, the qualities of a fresh product can be preserved in time.



  • To control and determine product thawing means keeping the organoleptic properties in tact and optimising stock, avoiding useless waste.
  • • Thawing occurs in maximum food safety conditions, by the slow reabsorption of the micro-crystallised water in food.
  • • The ideal cycle for products to be served raw or cold, like fish or bakery products, sin


Leavening Retarder:

  • “Just in time” production flexibility is the best way to optimise resources, manage time and meet demand variability.
  • Direct or programmed leavening can be selected: you prepare, leave to rise, block leavening and decide baking phase programming.
  • All this will an accurate control of humidity to always achieve perfect results.


Slow Cooking and Holding:

  • Temperature control and keeping it within set values allows for preparations that safeguard not only the flavour and taste, but moistness and softness for extremely satisfying results.
  • This function is very easy to use and perfect to keep food warm during service, helping to improve preparation and organisation.
  • This cycle can also be used in baking to melt chocolate or candy fruit.



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