IMC Mobile Hand Wash Station without Heater

by IMC
Price on request
SKU F63/503
  • Ideal for increasing hygienic hand washing facilities wherever required - just fill and go.
  • 20 litres per fill, dispenses up to 100ml per foot press, delivering 200 dispenses from one full tank.
  • Foot operated dispenser to also control the volume of water needed.
  • Tap dispenses water via foot action, ensures hygienic operation, with no need for hand contact.
  • Internal waste collection - no need for drainage.
  • Refill and waste front accessible, once in position there is no need to move unit.
  • Large wheels and handle make hand wash station quick and easy to move.
  • Constructed from sturdy and hygienic stainless steel, including handy accessories, making it easy to wipe clean.
  • Supplied with splashback and space for a soap dispenser and paper towels, for easy and convenient access to soap and towels.

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