Hoshizaki Self Contained Ice Maker IM-240NE-HC

  • Unique ice making system that has an automatic rinse cycle. After every new batch of ice, the water reservoir drains and refills with fresh water.
  • System comes with a magnetic water pump that has no direct coupling, which prevents any leakage.
  • Closed water circuit offers the ultimate contamination protection, by reducing the number of points at which impurities can enter the ice making process.
Code: IM-240NE-HC
Production: 210kg per 24hrs
Electrical Supply: 11.5kg
Electrical Capacity: 0.93kW

704(w) x 665(d) x 1510(h)

Legs add 100 - 135mm


Type of Ice:

  • Large Cube 


Warranty - 1 year parts & labour

Please allow 3-4 days for delivery.


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