Hoshizaki Ice and Water Dispenser DCM-120KE (-P)

  • Ideal for use in a range of commercial catering environments, such as canteens, pubs, cafes and self service restaurants.
  • Push Button on request. 
  • Easy to set portion control to regulate consumption and keep cost down
  • Compact design ensures easy access and allows simple positioning under counters.
  • The machine can also be used as a water dispenser as well as producing ice cubelets.
  • Can dispense in the following configurations: cubelet ice, cubelet ice with water or water only


Code: DCM-120KE(-P)
Capacity: 4kg
Production: 125kg per 24hrs
Electrical Capacity: 0.48kW
Dimensions: 350(W) x 585(D) x 815(H) mm


Type of Ice:

  • Cubelet + Ice

Warranty - 1 year parts & labour

Please allow 3-4 days for delivery


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