Lainox Naboo NAEB101R

by Lainox
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The NAEB101R electric combination oven has a 10" full colour touch screen that is easy to use and can be configured to suit every kitchen's requirements. Popular menu items can be placed onto the home screen so can be started with a single touch, while recipes can be organised in folders, making them easier to access for all users. The three cooking modes - convection, steam and combination - can be accessed directly from the home screen too, making it easy to start cooking quickly.  Multilevel cooking enables menu items with different cooking times to be cooked at the same temperature, with the oven's intelligence able to identify other saved recipes that can also be cooked under these parameters.

There are no limits to the number of cooking programmes that can be stored. Cooking advice and notes can be added to stored programmes. Images and photos can also be added to help quickly and easily identify dishes. these can be added from an extensive gallery of images or uploaded from USB.

This combi oven has a capacity of 10 x 1/1 GN trays, with 70mm between shelves. The unit is supplied with an automatic washing system and an inbuilt, retractable hand shower, making it easy to keep the oven chamber in optimum condition. The Calout Oven Protection System ensures the boiler is kept free from limescale, enabling performance to be maintained. Both the detergent and descaler containers are housed in a discreet compartment under the oven chamber. 

This unit can be connected to wifi, allowing users to upload / download recipes (both their own and from a dedicated chef's portal which contains recipes and other useful information). This is an easy way to share recipes between different sites to ensure consistency across multiple outlets.  It also means that any maintenance / service issues regarding the control panel can be initially identified remotely, and in many cases, repaired remotely.

A multi-point core probe is supplied. Various stand options and accessories are also available. 7 shelf models can be stacked on to 10 shelf units.



  • 10" HD colour touch screen can be configured to suit each individual kitchen
  • Access most popular recipes and menus quickly and easily
  • Multilevel and Just in Time cooking modes
  • Cook various items together, maximising oven efficiency
  • Wifi connectivity as standard
  • Make changes to your recipes from your office, automatically synching to your combi
  • Automatic washing system as standard
  • Easy to keep combi in optimum condition, choose from 5 different programs
    Code: NAEB101R
    Power: 16kW
    Capacity: 10 x 1/1
    Dimensions: 930(W) x 825(D) x 1040(H)mm
    Distance between layers:  70mm



    Also available in Gas, please contact for more information.

    Warranty - 1 year parts & labour.





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