Combo CVJ-050-2-HJX-50 / Charcoal Oven 50 + Double Basque Grill

by Josper
Price on request
SKU CVJ-050-2-HJX-50

Combines a Josper Charcoal Oven HJX-50 and Josper Basque Grill Monoblock PVJ-050-2 with a double grill in one module. Charcoal Oven: recommended for 200 diners, with an average fire-up time of ± 40 minutesBasque Grill: average fire-up time of 20 minutes and daily charcoal consumption of 20 to 22 kg.

Grilling area of the open grill 500 x 510 mm (x2 racks) and 760 x 750 mm (x2 racks) in the oven.

Included accessories: firebreak, firebreak hat, 2 tongs, poker and grill racks.


  • Charcoal Oven HJX-50 + Basque Grill Monoblock PVJ-50
  • Size: 236x90x188cm
  • Grill size: 50x51cm (x2) / 76x51cm (x2)
  • ± 200 diners

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