A Class Charcoal Oven HJA-20 Mini

by Josper
Price on request
SKU HJA-20 Mini

Josper Charcoal Oven HJA-20, Josper’s mini oven, recommended for around 40 diners, the fire up time is about 25 minutes, daily charcoal consumption of 6 to 8 kg, performance per load of 7 hours. Production per hour of 25 kg average and a grilling temperature of 250 to 350 ºC.

HJA-20 Mini
  • A Class Countertop
  • Oven size: 83x65x94 cm
  • Grill size: 58×34 cm
  • ± 40 diners
  • Recommended installation height: 80-85 cm

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