Large Stone Pizza Ovens

Are you a mass producer of pizzas on a daily basis and can't get them out quick enough? Our custom made pizza ovens are perfect for you. 

For any queries and pricing on our large stone pizza ovens please contact: Fergal, on 01-8019090 or by email on                 



The Traditional Core 1250 large pizza oven is made from high density refractory castable and showcases a unique octagonal modern internal oven core. The oven core is made up of a 10 piece refractory floor and 10 piece refractory dome. The full kit includes an arch, cast iron mantel, stainless steel anchor plate, high density refractory insulation board, ceramic insulation wool and stainless steel door.


The Traditional 1250 Core Gas boosts all the features and characteristics of the above wood only version, with the added convenience of gas. Available in natural or LPG and holds fulls CE certification. The system features duel burners, one maintenance flame and a second boost flame. These flames are controlled via a fully automatic control panel which enables the oven to maintain a set temperature without the need for time consuming manual management. Gas system has a boost function, allowing operators to rapidly increase the oven temperature at the push of a button.

Wood and Gas

The traditional 1250 Core Wood & Gas oven boosts all the characteristics of the “Wood only” and “Gas only” version, with the added advantage of being able to utilise both fuel types. Balancing the convenience of gas whilst maintaining the authenticity of cooking with wood the combination is an excellent solution for those that are looking for the benefit of both fuel types.


  • Internal Cooking Diameter: 1250mm
  • External Dimensions: 546(H) x 1431(W) x 1440(D) mm
  • Pizza Capacity 6 x 12" Pizzas
  • Oven Weight: 1100kg

Fuel Consumptions

  • Wood Consumption: 3.5kg/hour
  • Gas Consumption: 10 (m3/hour) 

Fire up Time and Heat Retention

  • Fire up time from cold: 90 mins
  • Daily Fire up Time: 20 mins
  • Heat Retention: 70 hrs