Toffeln Ezi-Klog

by GenWare
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SKU 0815-04

Extremely lightweight, weighing less than 180g per clog

SRC rated, slip-resistant, CE marked and anti-static

Closed-top protection and angled side vents that prevent fluid penetration

Washable to 50ºC

Anti-microbial and recyclable


Ezi-Klog® Features

  1. Adjustable position heel strap Adjustable heel strap can be worn in forward or back positions
  2. Closed-in heel Specially designed to hold your heel securely
  3. Anti-static Shock absorbing anti-static heel device specifically incorporated to meet static sensitive situations
  4. Side Vents Side vents specially shaped to prevent fluid penetration
  5. Grip-Safe™ Rubber Sole Unique Grip-Safe sole not only gives excellent slip resistance, but also offers a much greater penetration resistance than other lightweight footwear available over the whole sole area

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